Fabiola Stuyvesant Years Receiving Violations.

Listen to the Violation Hearing. Fabiola is Clueless. 

Stuyvesant does not understand basic HOA rules or refuses to follow them.

Violation Intro

Hello Fabiola

Illegal Boat 

Become a Good Neighbor

Broke Her Arm!

Fabiola Threatens

I Don’t Have Neighbors

Don’t Excuse Yourself

Stuyvesant’s Illegally Moored Boat

Case 2022-018807-CA-01 Judgement Against Defendant, FABIOLO STUYVESANT, Illegal Mooring.

DERM Cease and Desist 

The front of the Stuyvesant unit common area is often littered with trash and personal items. Neighbors call Fabiola Stuyvesant The “Poinciana Island Pig.”

Only Fabiola Stuyvesant has more than 30 Violations, fines

Fabiola Has Been Sent to Collection and Foreclosure Multiple Times. 

Fabiola refuses to adhere to simple rules SO MANY TIMES.

Sunny Isles Beach deserves better than Fabiola Stuyvesant.

Fabiola Stuyvesant