The Sunny Isles Beach Commission Deserves Better!

Fabiola Stuyvesant – Click my Picture

She said, to a mother at the Norman Edelcup Elementary School Send My Picture to Your Husband!

The front of Stuyvesant unit common area is often littered with trash and personal items. Neighbors call Stuyesant “Poinciana Pig”


Stuyvesant Has an Alarming History of 

Documented – Foreclosures – Violations – Fines 

To date, Stuyvesant has COST her Poinciana Neighbors approximately 50,000 Dollars.

Stuyvesant’s Illegally Moored Boat

Case 2022-018807-CA-01 Judgement Against Defendant, FABIOLO STUYVESANT for Illegal Mooring

In a  Sunny Isles Beach publication, Stuyvesant claims residents of Poinciana approached her seeking help for unpermitted Illegal structures. She did Nothing for Poinciana residents. She attempted to use the SIB commission to influence the ARMY Corp of Engineers and DERM to obtain a Legal Mooring Slip for her Illegally moored boat.

Her attempt did not work. Stuyvesant’s HOA, Poinciana, sued her to remove the illegal boat—case 2022-018807-CA-01 Judgement Against Defendant, FABIOLA STUYVESANT. 

In retaliation against her neighbors, Stuyvesant used her position as commissioner to have a harassment violation issued against about 30 neighbors for having a water faucet at their finger piers that has been there many years. 

Fabiola Stuyvesant