Who is Nancy Montero?

Nancy Montero Tried to Manipulate a PTA Election with Lies

 When Her Attempts Failed, She Addressed the Floor with More LIES

 On Facebook, She Posts Attacks on the New President, Her Mother, and the PTSA President!

Watch the Videos Below, Where Her Lies are Exposed, and Arrested.

Fabiola Stuyvesant was taken from the PTA meeting by police and handcuffed to restrain her. She returned to the next PTA school meeting to attack the PTSA president. Her lies were exposed to all school staff and parents.

Fabiola Stuyvesant – Alias –

Nancy Montero is an Embarrassment to the Sunny Isles Beach Commission.

Voting Her out November 2024.

Criminal Case Against Fabiola Stuyvesant


Civil Cases Against Fabiola Stuyvesant





Fabiola Stuyvesant