Fabiola Stuyvesant is

Poinciana  Island’s

Nightmare Neighbor

With over 30 violation notices over the last five years, fines – including mooring an Illegal Boat against Association and DERM rules, and multiple trips to the collections attorney.

Ms. Stuyvesant received Poinciana HOA violations, but she doesn’t care.

Stuyvesant received notice from DERM about her ILLEGAL Boat, and Poinciana had no alternative. The Association sued Stuyvesant to remove the Illegal Boat—case 2022-018807-CA-01 Judgement Against Defendant, FABIOLA STUYVESANT.

Stuyvesant’s next-door neighbor complained and took pictures of her front entrance and the common area Plaza. Stuyvesant leaves the area as a pigsty.

See the Pictures Below taken by Fabiola Stuyvesant’s Next-door Neighbor.

Stuyvesant even sent a written complaint about following rules and Copied in her complaint letter to the Association manager, the Sunny Isles Beach Mayor, commissioners, and about 200 unit owners of Poinciana Island about her violations. Not one understood why since they knew she was a documented constant violator.

On Saturday, September 5, 2020, a Poinciana resident tripped over Ms. Stuyvesant’s possessions that she left on the Poinciana boardwalk and Broke Her Arm. Stuyvesant never apologized.

Ms. Stuyvesant has disregarded HOA rules for years, paying monetary obligations and often requires legal action.

In April 2018, Ms. Stuyvesant was sent to her HOA collection attorney for unpaid maintenance for $5298.00.

In July 2020, Ms. Stuyvesant was sent to her HOA collection attorney AGAIN for unpaid maintenance for $7869.01.

In November 2021, Ms. Stuyvesant was sent a past-due collection letter AGAIN for unpaid maintenance for $6,115.85.

Ms. Stuyvesant “found the funds to pay her unpaid maintenance” when she registered to run for Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner. Could she have used money from developers?

Ms. Stuyvesant claims to have an Economics degree and an Associate Degree in Public Finance but cannot manage her finances. Ms. Stuyvesant has not provided proof of any degree.

Ms. Stuyvesant has had over 30 violations in the last five years—some previous months.

Click here to listen to her address her Violations

Stuyvesant is an embarrassment to the Commission of Sunny Isles Beach.

Stuyvesant cannot manage her budget to pay for her maintenance.

She should not be overseeing your city budget. Stuyvesant voted or all previous city budget increases. Including a million dollar pay raise with Million Dollar plus increases annually. 

Fabiola Stuyvesant does not care about her neighbors, refuses to live by her Association’s rules, has over 30 Violations, and has been sent to a Collection Attorney THREE times for not paying her monetary obligations.

Read the letter below that the Poinciana Manager sent to Fabiola. 

                            Fabiola Stuyvesant’s Front of Unit – Violations

              Fabiola Stuyvesant’s Illegally Parked Boat – VIOLATIONS

Fabiola Stuyvesant’s Rear of Unit – Violations

Fabiola Stuyvesant Never Stops being a Violation

Mrs. Stuyvesant.

In response to your email below, this is nothing new with you, the violations to your unit go back for many years.  The attached report doesn’t include other violations to the Association Documents, or emails and phone calls from some of your neighbors complaining and bringing to the attention of management many other issues related to your unit.

The violations also include the fact that recently you brought into the association, in the evening hours, a hitched trailer with an illegal boat, and to avoid having to be stopped by the security guard, you used the residents entrance to drive the boat trailer in and while doing so you broke the residents arm gate. In addition to this a member of your household was also observed doing mechanical work and painting parts of the boat inside the property.


Management never calls any unit owner including you to give them heads up of any upcoming violation letters.

You are not special, I have treated all the owners the same when sending letters or violations, including you.

All the unit owners are also being copy on this email. 

Thank you

Alvaro Villa (CAM)
Poinciana Island Yacht And Racquet Club
350 Poinciana Island Drive
Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160

Fabiola Stuyvesant